2 types of adventures, 2 ways to build you levels!

Adventures for kids offers you 2 types of homemade adventures to play with your children: RPG levels, oriented towards fighting monsters, or puzzle levels, focused on completing activities. Build the levels using our DIY board pieces (Alternatively, you can use toy blocks).

These adventures guarantee several hours of fun with kids. And children can use their imagination to build their own levels using the printed cards and board pieces.

Easy to make and play

Print the levels

Follow the link provided in each adventure to download the word document that contains:

-the map of the level
-the enemies and treasure cards, front and back, for the RPG adventures
-the rooms cards and puzzles for the Puzzle adventures

Make the cards

Use thick paper pages, glue and scissors to create the cards.

For RPG Adventures:

-glue the front of cards page on one side of the thick paper
-glue the corresponding back page to the other side of the paper
-cut the cards

For Puzzle adventures, you can just cut the printed pages directly.

Build the dungeons

Follow the level maps. You can build the levels in two different ways:

-craft your own board pieces, which can be used for all our adventures. Check our instructions!
-use toy blocks, such as Duplo or Brio. This can take more time to set up.

Once the level is built, place the enemies cards for the RPG adventures as indicated on the level map or place the room cards for the Puzzle adventures.

Pick your heroes

Pick your children’s favorite toys to play as the heroes.

Alex started with a cat and a dog, before adding a third hero. Which ones will you pick?


Once all is set, start the adventure.

Levels are open and you can mostly move freely around, although some doors might sometimes be closed.

Special rules

RPG Adventures:

HP: your main hero has 100 points, the others have 50 points.

Special attack: When doing 6, our main hero does a special attack defeating any enemy immediately. I recommend it, as Alex gets very excited whenever this happens.

Treasure cards: Put the Treasure cards in a stack, face down.

Searching the rooms: When entering an empty room or after defeating all enemies, the heroes should search the room by asking if there are treasures.

Fights: When entering a room with enemies, a fight starts. Heroes attack first, indicating which hero plays and who is attacked. You then play the enemies.

HP sheet: use a paper sheet to keep track of the heroes and enemies HP.

Puzzle Adventures:

Getting familiar: Before starting, it is best to get familiar with the flow of the level, what will be found and how the puzzles can be solved, so you can tell the story while playing and help your little adventurers.

Room Cards: Each room has a card. Upon entering a room, read the instructions on the card. It will tell you what room it is, what is in the room. It will also tell you whether there is a puzzle here or not.

Puzzles: There are two kinds of puzzles. Some involve finding or combining objects: for instance, use the water from a room to extinguish a fire in another one. Some involve solving small activities which are present on the downloadable document.

Introduce your children to RPG games.

Help develop imagination and story creation.

Think, take decisions, find solutions and get rewarded

Start playing now

Download the adventures and start playing. If you like them, come back regularly to see the new ones! You can keep informed of when new adventures are released by following us on Facebook.

Creating these adventures takes time. If you like what we do, and have fun playing them, you can support us by buying us a Ko-fi or by using the link below.