Adventure in the snow

You can download the cards and the levels from here: Download

First adventure? Check out the How to play section.


The King of the Snow has captured one of your friends. Venture on his lands to defeat him and rescue your friend.

Level 1.1: The forest.


-The Snow Fox will appear and disappear. He appears 3 times (5, 7 and 13). You need to defeat him each time, with his full life. After defeating him, he will vanish then reappear. After defeating him in 11, he vanishes again, and you move to level 2.

Level 1.2: The forest.

Level 2: Submarine base


-After exiting the forest, you arrive in front of a large hangar. There are two entrances.

-After reaching 10, you take control of the submarine and start off towards the base of the King of the Snow.

Level 3: The King of the Snow


-In the boss room, you meet the Snow Fox again. However, he only has 1/2 his life.

-Upon defeating the boss, you can free your friend and leave.

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