Board Game review: Chabyrinthe

Chabyrinthe is a simple little game that will stimulate your child thinking by having to move tiles to create ways for the cats to reach their home.


The game comes in a small square box that contains the cards and the game rules. There are three different types of cards: Home, Cats and Gutters.



The goal of the game is to bring as many cats as possible to the homes by moving the gutter cards to create pathways. The game can be played with a grid of 3×3 gutter cards, or 4x for a more difficult challenge. Two cat cards and the two home cards are placed on all sides of the grid.

Players do two actions per turns. These can be either rotating a tile on the board or using a tile from the pile to push a line of tiles on the board, removing the one from the edge from the board and creating new possibilities.

When a path is created from a cat card to a home card, the player takes the cat card. Then, a new cat card is added to the side of the board. The two cat cards and the two home cards are also moved so that the pathway created cannot be used anymore.

The game ends once all cat cards have been won. Cat cards have numbers on them, and players tally the total number of points of the cards they won. The player with the highest tally wins.


Note: this game is only available in French.

Although simple, the game is very good to make children think: which tile should they turn and how to create a path? They need to visualize the result of their actions to see if a path can be done. However, using a card from the pile to push a card from the board can be more difficult to think about for younger children.

Alex liked this game, starting playing it when he was 5. After playing for a while with the smaller grid, he was then able to move to the larger one. Simple, clever and not expensive, this is definitely a game we would recommend.

If you want to try it, you can find it here.

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