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News of a dangerous beast attacking an isolated region have reached you. Without hesitating, you decide to travel to confront the beast. The area you arrive in has been devastated: trees are burnt down, villages are destroyed.

In a small village, you find a few survivors. They tell you about a giant blue dragon who has been terrorizing the region.

“But blue dragons don’t exist, you say.

-They do, say an old man. They are very rare and extremely powerful, but they exist.

-Show me where he is then and I’ll defeat him, you say with a shrug.

-It is not possible, all the villagers scream. His skin is so thick that your weapon wouldn’t hurt him. And his fire is so intense you wouldn’t resist it.

-There is a way to defeat it, though, the old man says after a silence. Not far from here is an old abandoned mine. There, it is said you can find the Sword of the Skeleton King, which can pierce the dragon armor, and the feathers of the Phoenix that would protect you against any fire. But, the mine is filled with monsters.

-Show me the way, you say without hesitation.

-My little girl, Delly, went there, but she didn’t come back, a woman adds. She is special and very brave, but I’m afraid something happened to her.

-Show me the way, you repeat, and I’ll bring her back.”

After talking among themselves, the villagers show you the way to the mine. You stand in front of its entrance. Taking a deep breath, you enter.

Level 1: The abandoned mine


-I recommend not using all treasure cards. Make a deck with 4 equipment cards, 3 bananas, and 2 chocolate, ice cream and milk. It would be good to reach the Phoenix fight with several equipment pieces.

-There are 2 bosses in this level. The Skeleton King is in room 19: upon defeating him, you will get the key to the cell and his sword, which has +6 attack against dragons. The Phoenix is in room 9: upon defeating him, you will collect feathers which, when placed on you, will protect you from the dragon’s fire and give you Defense +4 against the dragon.

-The door to the Phoenix room (9) is locked by a magic spell.

-Delly is stuck in room 7. To free her, get the key from the Skeleton King. Delly has some magic abilities and will be able to lift the spell holding the door to room 9 closed. She also gives you 1 equipment piece she found.

Level 2: The blue dragon’s mountain


-You retain all the equipment found in the first level.

-Delly’s card can be used once to revive a fallen character.

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