Island Adventure 1

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First adventure? Check out the How to play section.


An archaeologist friend went to an island and hasn’t come back yet. Wondering what happened to him, you decide to follow him and find out where he is. You take a boat to the island and arrive in a small seaside village.



  1. All red dots on the map indicate people you can talk to and ask about your friend whereabouts. It might be useful to use physical coins (real or toys) in this level.
  2. You will need money in this level to buy some items. You start with no coins. To get the first ones, go to the airfield (8) and talk with the woman. She will give you 10 coins to buy a fruit juice.
  3. Go to the shop 3 and buy a fruit juice. You have 4 coins left. Bring the juice to the woamn, who lets you keep the change.
  4. Talk with the chess players (7). Go to the garden (6) and notice the bird holding the chess piece. How can you make it drop it? Maybe a fish can help?
  5. Talk to the fisherman (1) and buy a fish. You have 3 coins left. Give it to the bird: it will drop the chess piece in the water.
  6. Complete the Tide puzzle. It shows you that the piece went beside the fisherman. Go back to him, and he will give you the piece.
  7. Bring the piece to the players. They will tell you where your friend went and advise you to talk to the plane pilot on the boat.
  8. Talk to the pilot. He tells you he needs a propeller to fix the plane.
  9. The propeller costs 5 coins, but you have oly 3. Go to the shop 1 and buy 1 banana for 2 coins; you have coin left. Go to the shop 2 and buy an orange for 1 coin. You have 0 coins left. Go to the shop 3 and sell the orange + banana for 5 coins.
  10. Buy the propeller. The pilot asks you to fix the plane for him, but you will need a tool.
  11. Talk to the repair man (10) and solve the Boat puzzle to get the tool.
  12. Go to the airfield. Solve the Plane puzzle



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