Island Adventure 3

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The pilot leaves you at the foot of a high, dark mountain: Tall Mountain. Not far away from where you landed, you see a campfire. You decide to walk towards it. There is an extinguished fire camp. On a stone besides it, there is a notebook. You open it and find a note written by your friend.

The note says: “I found it, I found the entrance to the secret cavern! To enter, remember the tale: the brave knight defeated the dragon with his sword. He pushed a large boulder. Behind it was a chest, and hidden inside, a diamond!”

Below is a map indicating the cavern entrance. You look up the mountain and start climbing.


Workflow: You can explore freely and complete the puzzles in different orders. The below is only a guideline. (Green: Items you can use/Red: Puzzles)

  1. You start at the cavern entrance (1). Complete the Cavern Puzzle using the note for help.
  2. Enter the cavern (2). Notice the stack of planks.
  3. Go to the river (3). Notice that it is too wide, and the current too strong, for you to cross. You cannot cross using only 1 plank, it is not long enough.
  4. Go to room 6. Notice the toolbox with hammer and nails. Notice the large wooden box.
  5. Take the hammer and nails and take the planks. Go back to the river and build a bridge to cross. 
  6. Go to room 4. Notice the ladder.
  7. Go to room 8. Speak with your friend through the rubbles. You need to find a way to get him out of there, but you cannot move the boulders. You need to go up to the platform to explore further (10).
  8. Take the ladder from room 4. Use it to try and go up to the opening: it is too short to reach the platform. 
  9. Go to room 6, take the wooden box. Put the ladder on top of the box. You can reach the platform.
  10. Solve the “Mine Cart” Puzzle to go down the track.
  11. In rooms 12 and 13, take the wooden handle and the pickaxe head, and combine them together to get a pickaxe.
  12. Go back to your friend. Use the pickaxe and solve the “Boulders” puzzle to break the boulders. 
  13. Well done, your friend is free!

Room Cards


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