The city of thieves

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After leaving the Ruined City, you arrive in the City of Thieves. This is not a real city, but a part of a larger one, where all sorts of thieves and brigands live. It is a dark, dirty and dangerous place.

You have met with an informer, who told you that the magical quiver you are looking for is with the Prince of Thieves, who rules over this part of town. The informer doesn’t know where this Prince of Thieves is, but he tells you that you should look for his Lieutenants: a fox, the Collector, and a raven, the Enforcer. He indicates an area where you are likely to find the Collector. You enter the City of Thieves, determined to find him.

Level 1.1: The Collector


-This level plays a bit differently and is split in two parts played on the same level.

-Lay out the level as indicated below, but don’t place the card of the Collector and the two captains protecting him. Heroes need to find him. He can be in 1 of two different locations (3 or 9), so that he is not found too quickly. When the heroes explore the second of these locations, whichever it is, place the cards for the fight.

-If the heroes go through the dark alleys (13 and 14), they are ambushed: add 2 or 3 enemy cards and fight.

Level 1.2: The Enforcer


-This part plays like a chase. Upon defeating the Collector, he tells you that you will never get out the City. He says he can hear the Enforcer coming, and he will take care of you. Outside the house where you find the Collector (be it 3 or 9) is a courtyard. Place the Enforcer here (1), with two captains. Heroes go out and fight him.

-Upon winning the fight, the Enforcer escapes. Place his card in the spots indicated below (3 then 4). Heroes need to fight the enemies and captains on the way (2). When they arrive in a place where the Enforcer is, move the card to the next place.

Level 2: Base entrance


-The archers on 3 and 5 can be taken from previous adventures.

Level 3: The Prince of Thieves


-If the heroes go straight in the boss room without defeating enemies in other rooms of this level, the Prince of Thieves will call for them and they will appear behind the heroes, making the fight difficult.

-After defeating the Prince of Thieves, he runs away. You find a large chest in the room. Inside is the Magical Quiver you were looking for. Your quest is complete.

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