The Jungle

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Following the map you found, you arrive in the Jungle of General Croc. You will need to go deep into it to find the Lost Treasure. After searching for some time, you find a trail that leads inside the trees. Bravely, you march forward.

Level 1: Jungle 1


-Area 3 is a clearing with a large tree. There is a Parrot on the tree (Special Parrot Card). The Parrot has a key but he tells you he will give it only if you answer correctly the riddle. He will reveal then that key opens a chest in a hidden cave at end of the path (5). Only by talking to the parrot can you find the hidden cave.

Riddle: “Who am I? I am full of vitamins, my name is the same as the name of a colour, I am a fruit.”

-After beating the two enemies in area 6, the parrot appears. He tells you that there are two paths you can take to cross the river. On the right, there is a bridge (7) that allows the river to be crossed easily, but it is protected by three Captains of General Croc. The way is hard, but there are more rewards behind. On the left, there is a crossing (6). It is lightly guarded, but you will get your feet wet and there are less rewards behind.

Level 2: Jungle 2


-Depending on the path you chose (bridge or ford), you will start at 1 or 5. The path starting at 1 has more chests, but enemies are more difficult.

-If doing the Ford path, in area 7, after defeating the Tarentula, the parrot appears with a key and a riddle: “What is hidden in this picture?”. Solving the riddle, he gives you the key to the little house and you find a chest inside.

-In area 9, you enter a large clearing with a closed gate leading out. There are no enemies, but a panther. The panther challenges the player to a race. If you win, she will open the gate. The parrot is here to watch. The race is as follow: each player throws the dice in turn, and the first one to reach 30 wins. The heroes are fast, so they can use twice an ability that allows them to double the result of the dice.

-After winning the race, the panther will open the gate and you can progress to the next level.

Level 3: Swamp


-This level is a vast swamp, filled with enemies and some treasure. In area 8, 2 enemies and 3 captains protect the entrance to a river.

Level 4: General Croc’s river


-After defeating 2 enemies, you go up the river and find General Croc. After winning the fight, you find a chest full of treasures and the largest gem in the world. Well done, you found the Lost Treasure!

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