The Manor

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Following the information you found in the treasure chest at the top of the Sorcerer’s tower, you make your way to the General Pit’s manor. It is located in the middle of a dense forest, protected by his guards. Fearlessly, you enter the forest.

Level 1: The forest


-“Mouse” below means that you can use any enemy card from the previous Tower adventure.

-Two main paths are going through the woods. You can go through one only, or explore the whole forest. When you emerge from the woods, you see in front of you the manor.

Level 2: The manor, ground floor


-There are 2 pieces of parchment to find in this level, which are needed later on to solve a puzzle.

-Room 6 is a special room. Talk with the prisoner and free him, and he will give you some information and a banana.

Level 3: The manor, 1st floor


-Room 5 is a special room. It is an office with an old dog seating behind a desk full of stacks of paper. He looks at you through thick glasses:

“Are you here to see the General? he asks.

-We are, you answer.

-In order to go further, you need to give me the password.”

A password. You think quickly. There were letters on the pieces of parchment you found: GE, T O, UT. Maybe if you put them together… Yes, you can make up “GET OUT”

“Get out? you say hesitantly.

That’s correct, says the dog. You can proceed further.”

He unlocks a door that leads to a training room. Two sword masters block your way. After a difficult fight, you enter an antechamber full of enemies: you must be getting close to the General’s room.

-After defeating General Pit, in a chest, you find a sword, a piece of the map and a note indicating your next destination: the Desert Pyramid.

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