The Phone Holder

A phone holder built entirely by Alex. While talking to his granny on the phone, he realized he couldn’t hold the phone and build legos at the same time. As he had some lego blocks beside him, he decided to build a phone holder. Simple, beautiful and efficient.

See the steps below, or check the video here.

Note: This was build using mostly pieces from the Skull Dungeon set.

Step 1: Build the base.

Using 3 orange 6×4 plates, 2 black 8×4 plates and a brown corner plate, build the base.

Step 2: Add the sides.

Place the 4 black corners then complete the sides with long bars (here, 12×1 and 4×1).

Step 3: Build the back.

Build the back of the holder with one grey tall 1x2x3 brick and 4 tall 1x2x3 slopes.

Step 4: Add the center front arch.

In the front center, add 1 long 1×6 brick with inside bow. Put 2 gold plates on the sides and in the middle put a 2×2 square plate holding 1 4×1 brick with 4 knobs. Add decorations (here, golden hearts).

Step 5: Add the front side archs.

On both sides, add a 1×4 brick with inside bow. On top of them, place an angle plate (1×2/1×4). Decorate them (here, using golden hearts and green accessories).

Step 6: Add the phone.

Your phone holder is ready to use, just add your phone.

You can check out the stop motion video on Youtube.

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