The Pirate Ship

A Lego Duplo pirate ship, with a cabin and a hold, ready to set sail for some adventures!

Step 1: Start the base.

Before starting, keep all the blue blocks you have to use later on.

Start by placing 4×2 blocks in the middle of a plate. Start on one border of the plate, but don’t go up to the end: we are using 10 blocks.

Add 2 layers of 2×2 blocks on each sides of the previously used blocks. These new blocks should form like a stair, half of a block attached on the block below and half attach to nothing. It should leave a space 2 wide in the middle.

Complete the base by adding another layer of 4×2 blocks to connect both layers of 2×2 blocks, strengthening it.

Step 2: Complete the base.

Add two new layers of 2×2 blocks, placed like stairs, so that the base grows wider.

Add another layer, if possible using longer blocks such as 8×2, to link together all the blocks underneath.

Fill in the right and left sides of the base.

Step 3: Build the deck.

Add the deck using 6 plates. First, place a medium plate (4×8) on the left side, attached by 1 row only. Place a larger (6×12) plater beside. Then, add 2 small 4×4 plates (the red ones in the image below) leaving a hole in the middle (4 wide) that will serve as the entrance to the hold. Finish the deck with two larger plates (6×12).

Step 4: Build the cabin.

On the right side of the ship, build the cabin, using one door and three window blocks. Beside the door, we also put 2 blocks 1x2x2 that have a hollow inside, creating a ladder. Once the wall are done, add a plate for the roof.

Step 4: Build the wheel deck.

On the roof, make a slim wall using 1x2x2 blocks leaving an empty space at the top of the ladder, yellow barriers on the sides and a red 1x4x2 wall with arrow slits on the back. We also added a block with a 3 blade propeller attached to work as the ship’s wheel.

Step 5: Add the sides to the deck.

Place slim 1x2x2 bricks along the sides of the deck. We also used an orange net taken from the Lego Friends Mias Tree House to cover the entrance of the hold, but other blocks would work as well.

Step 6: Surround the boat with water.

Using your blue blocks, surround your boat with water.

Step 7: Add a mast and a bow.

Place a long 2×10 plate at the front of the ship to serve as the bow. Then, build a mast.

Step 8: Add a sail and nest.

For the lookout nest, we used Lego classics bricks, so we could attach a sail. We made the nest using an 8×16 plate, and lined it with 2×4 bricks on the sides, and 1×4 on the front.

Next, we attached a 2×4 yellow brick with a 1×2/2×2 grey angle plate. We then connected the top of the angle plate to the underneath of the nest. Finally, we attached a large 6×12 plate to the yellow brick, creating a sail.

Congratulations, your ship is done!

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