The Pyramid

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After leaving General Pit’s manor, you travel to the great desert. After walking through the sands for a few days, the Pyramid appears in the distance. You enter, ready to face all of the Pyramid’s dangers and climb to the top, where the Pharao waits for you. You know he is a dangerous foe, but maybe you will be able to find ways to defeat it by exploring the secrets of the pyramid?

Level 1: Ground floor


-The Boss in this level is optional. However, by defeating him, you will gain a special potion card that can be used against the final boss to reduce his HP in half, making the fight much easier and rewarding exploration.

Level 2: First floor

Level 3: Top floor

Level 4: Boss room


-You enter into the majestic boss room, with columns and marble floor. The Pharao awaits on his throne.

-If you defeated the Royal Mummy in the 1st level, you can now use the potion you found before starting this fight. The Pharao will then have only half of his HP, making the fight easier.

-After defeating the Pharao, you find a chest with a shield and the last part of the map. You put the three pieces together to form a full map, which reveals the location of the treasure: in the Jungle.

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