The Ruined city

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The King of Ruins has stolen a precious and magic bow. To retrieve it, you need to enter the city of Ruins, and defeat its King.

Level 1: City street

Level 2: Courtyard


-The exit door in 5 is locked. The key is in one of the chests in the courtyard (1).

-To avoid the gunners bombarding you in the courtyard, you can go through rooms 3, 7, 8 and defeat the gunners in 4/6, before defeating the enemies in the courtyard.

Level 3: Church


-When fighting against the King of ruins in room 7: when he is down to 10, the King of Ruins retreats to 8. If there are undefeated opponents, they need to be defeated before pursuing him. Then finish the fight in room 8.

-After defeating the King of ruins in room 8, you find the Bow here. But the magical quiver is missing. The King of Ruins informs you that it is in the City of Thieves.

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