The Tower

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You have been told that a map leading to the famous Lost Treasure is being kept by the Sorcerer of the Tower, a mouse mage. You go to the tower, ready to fight your way to the map. You arrive in a small village. There is a campfire in the middle, 6 small houses around and a large portal leading inside the tower in front of you.

Level 1: Outside the Tower


-If you go to the Tower’s gates and defeat the archers, you realize that the gate is locked.

-You can explore the houses. All of them are old and decrepit, one is empty with a hole in its roof (7). When you enter (5), you see an old mouse seating by a fire in the chimney. She sees you:

“It is not often that we have visitors around here these days, she says. Where are you going?”

You answer. The old mouse stands from her chair and slowly walks to a small shelf on the wall. She takes a key and gives it to you: “This will help you if you want to enter the Tower. But I warn you, the mage that leaves there is strong.” You can then use the key to enter the Tower.

Level 2: Tower’s ground floor


-The stairs to the next floor are in room 10. However, the door is locked. You can find the key in one of the chests in room 4 (the other chest there contains a normal treasure).

-The enemy in room 7 is sleeping. You can attack him, or decide to let him sleep and explore without fighting him.

Level 3: Tower’s first floor


-The first floor of the tower has many different possible paths, with many optional rooms and fights.

Level 4: Boss room


-After a difficult fight, you are victorious. You explore the sorcerer’s room. In a chest, you find a magical staff and a piece of a map.

“A piece only? I thought he had the whole map!”

A note indicates that the next piece of the map is held by the General Pit.

“Well, it looks like we will have to pay the General a visit”, you say leaving the Tower.

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