The Trap

We build a trap using Lego Classics. The adventurers can venture in, but beware: the floor might not be as solid as you think it is.

See the steps below, or check the video here.

Step 1: Build 2 wall bases.

Using square or rectangle bricks, build two walls 4 bricks high, leaving 6 rows between them.

Step 2: Add axles.

On one of the walls, we will add two 1×2 bricks with cross holes as follow: leave 2 empty knobs, place 1 brick, leave 7 empty knobs, add the second brick, one knob should then be left. Insert two long cross axles in. Then, add bricks to complete one more layer of the that side of the wall.

Step 3: Make a sliding floor.

Attach two 1×2 bricks with a round hole under a 6×10 plate. Insert the two axles in the holes, then add a long slim plate (here a 2×6) under the previous plate, to use to make the floor slide.

Step 4: Complete the walls.

Complete the first wall with three more layers. For the second wall, you will need to leave an opening to allow for the floor plate to slide. Place 2 1×2 bricks on one side and 2 2×2 bricks on the other end. Add 2×12 plate on top of these. Then, complete the wall by adding two more layers of bricks.

Step 5: Build stairs.

Build some stairs to access the platform. Your trap is done. If an adventurer venture on t, pull the floor and watch him fall underneath.

You can check out the stop motion video on Youtube.

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